Aphrodite- Whipped Tallow, Ozonated Face Mask
Aphrodite- Whipped Tallow, Ozonated Face Mask

Aphrodite- Whipped Tallow, Ozonated Face Mask

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*grassfed tallow

*ozonated coconut oil

*joboba oil

sweet almond oil

raw honey

*kokum butter

*rose petals

**pearl powder


*indian sasparilla







*bee pollen




rose EO

*frankincense EO

neroli EO

*blue tansy EO

*organic **wildrafted

2 oz

Our Aphrodite face mask is the ultimate topical-healing lotion. Rich, organic oils are slowly infused with beautifying & nutrient-rich herbs.

Bee pollen, raw honey, & moringa feed the skin. Schizandra, pearl powder, sandalwood, and rose petals are some of the most revered beautifying herbs known to man.  Pearl powder is known to give a pearly, pristine complexion and sandalwood cools and beautifies.  Oatstraw is a wonderful source of silica and other minerals.

Neem, turmeric, and Indian sasparilla work on removing excessive heat in the face, pacifying irritated skin conditions like acne and rashes.

We utilize beautiful, high quality essential oils that are known to illuminate the complexion. Frankincense and rose have been used for thousands of years by royalty.

Tallow is the best oil that I've found for topical-use. It is very similar in composition to our own natural oils so it supplies our skin with exactly what it needs to be supple and hydrated. It has been used by ancient times- even by Cleopatra herself. It is a highly-revered oil by the Weston Price foundation.

*Although we prefer to obtain from animal consumption, we feel proud to be using tallow as it is often thrown away as a waste product in the mass production of meat. We feel that we are able to honor the life of the cow but utilizing parts of it's physical vessel that would just have been thrown in the garbage.*