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Baby Ojas- Deeply Nourishing, Grounding, and Supporting Skin Food

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*grass-fed tallow

*almond oil

*argan oil

*kokum butter

*ozonated coconut oil



*rose petals











*black sesame seeds


rose EO

geranium EO

*lavender EO


*organic or wildcrafted

4 oz jar


I designed this herb blend with the intention to modernize classic Ayurvedic abhyanga oils. In Ayurvedic medicine, herbs are infused into oils and applied to the skin so that your body can absorb the herbs through the skin. This is a beautiful and effective way to consume herbs that is almost never utilized. I have had really beautiful results from using abhyanga oils myself.... but I have ruined so many towels and bed sheets and even clothes from having to douse myself in oil! That is where I got the inspiration for this product. I wanted to be able to strengthen my children, improve their immunity, support there cognitive abilities, support their bone strength, etc... But in a way that was easy to apply in the bath or shower and that feels amazing on the skin!

The herbs in this blend are known to strengthen the body, support the muscles, and enhance the bones. I use herbs that are known for increasing awareness and supporting cognition.... I also use herbs known to ground and soothe the nervous system. Bala/ ashwaghanda oil is a classic Ayurvedic oil blend that is used on babies even just a few days old. I used this blend of oils because it is very gentle, deeply nourishing, and very supportive to baby skin.

In Ayurveda, it is said that abhyanga is the single best thing for anti-aging and to increase the strength of the body. When I use this on my kids, I feel a deep sense of peace knowing that I am supporting their little bodies. It is even said in Ayurveda that daily abhyanga will help prevent the body from getting injured in accidents because it keeps the body more pliable! Pliable and bendy bones are a huge benefit in life and in preventing injuries.



I recommend using this in the shower. The steam will help absorption and the cream goes further when you have a little water on your body. I recommend to lovingly cover your entire body with this lotion! It's a whole-body lotion but the quality of a face lotion. Envision your body absorbing all of these beautiful herbs, vitamins, and nutrients and being deeply nourished. You don't need to rinse it off and your skin should feel absolutely beautiful once you get out of the shower :)

You can, of course, apply like any other lotion too, but I think it's really wonderful in the shower or the bath.

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