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Herbal Powdered Face Wash- For Acne, Beauty, & Skin- Health



*rose petals











*indian sasparilla 





bee pollen

2 oz

This herbal powdered face wash is designed to be used by pouring some of the powder in your hand, adding water or milk (milk is great for extra dry skin) and washing your face with it. It can also be used as a mask.

This is a fabulous, gentle alternative to traditional soap-based cleansers. Even cleansers that have a good amount of oil in them still have the potential to throw off the balance of your skin. Skin is very sensitive and using drying soaps daily can truly have a negative effect.

Pearl and rose petals are traditional beautifying herbs. They cool the complexion and are known for enhancing beauty and clearing the skin.

Neem, turmeric, and indian sapsarilla are all amazing at treating all sorts of red, irritated skin conditions like acne.

Bee pollen, moringa, and goji are deeply nutritious, added to really "feed' your skin and supply all the vitamins and nutrients needed to be vibrant and healthy.

Myrrh has been used since the times of Ancient Egypt to reduce wrinkles and enhance the complexion.

Amla is loaded with vitamin C which will help to brighten the skin. 


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