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Ojas- Deeply Nourishing Skin Food for Strength, Immunity, Anti-Aging, & Beauty

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*grass-fed tallow

*almond oil

*jojoba oil

*rosehip seed oil

*castor oil

*kokum butter

*ozonated coconut oil














*goji berries



*rose petals

EO blend (rose, neroli, palo santo, geranium, cedar wood, blue tansy, vetiver, nutmeg, orange, *frankincense) 

*EOs from Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oils

*organic or wildcrafted

4 oz or 8 oz jars



I recommend using this in the shower. The steam will help absorption and the cream goes further when you have a little water on your body. I recommend to lovingly cover your entire body with this lotion! It's a whole-body lotion but the quality of a face lotion. Envision your body absorbing all of these beautiful herbs, vitamins, and nutrients and being deeply nourished. You don't need to rinse it off and your skin should feel absolutely beautiful once you get out of the shower :)

You can, of course, apply like any other lotion too, but I think it's really wonderful in the shower!