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Soothe & Cool- Whipped Tallow Ozonated Skin Food



*grass-fed tallow

almond oil

*ozonated coconut oil

*joboba oil

*kokum butter

*rose petals

**pearl powder


blue-green algae

*indian sasparilla







bee pollen

rose EO

*frankincense EO

neroli EO

*blue tansy EO

*organic **wildcrafted

2 oz

Our cool and sooth skin food is comparable to a face lotion. We call it "skin food", because that is what it is. It's so much more than a lotion- it's infused with herbs that heal the skin from multiple angles. We also utilize a rare combination of organic oils and butters, essential oils, nutrient-rich herbs, and ancient natural beauty secrets.... I truly think once you try this lotion, you will never go back to traditional, preserved, store-bought lotions.

Blue-green algae, raw honey, and bee pollen supply the skin with an absolute abundance of nutrients and minerals. 

Pearls are one of nature's biggest beauty secrets- used since ancient times to clear the complexion and give supple, even skin. 

Calendula, shatvari, and  marshmallow are soothing, gentle, and calming. 

Indian sasparilla, neem and turmeric, remove heat and redness from the face and fight acne. 

Tallow is an incredible oil for healing the skin. It provides fats in a similar ratio as to what is naturally found in human skin- providing optimum hydration and nourishment. 

Neroli, rose, and blue tansy EOs not only smell amazing, but are known as being luscious, beautifying oils. We source our oil from Rocky Mountain Oils and Plant therapy.

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