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Cooling Hair & Mineral Tonic (Pregnancy-safe!)





*vidari kanda






black sesame seed


**pearl powder

*rose petals



**oyster shells



*organic **wildcrafted

4 or 8 oz jars


This beautiful blend was designed because I wanted a pregnancy-safe blend that would help to support beautiful hair! The main intention of this blend is to support the hair, which it does by providing abundant minerals and also by removing excessive heat from the body and particularly from the head. It is also very cooling, calming, and gently nourishing. 

Cooling herbs are generally supportive for hair-growth as excessive heat is known to cause hair loss and premature greying. I wanted to also ensure this blend was cooling as we are moving into summer so the cooling herbs will both help with the hair, but also prevent overheating and help keep you comfortable as the days get warmer!

The blend is also relaxing as many herbs that remove heat from the head also have the function of relieving stress and anger. I personally find this blend to be so pleasant!

The flavor is very mild and pleasant! I noticed that even just after one day, I felt so much cooler during the midday heat! This blend is safe for pregnant and nursing women, but it is absolutely fine for women who aren't pregnant or men! It is also gentle enough to be suitable for children (although for younger kids, I would do a smaller dosage).