Divine Masculine - Male Virility, Passion, & Sustained Energy

Divine Masculine - Male Virility, Passion, & Sustained Energy

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pine pollen

muira puama


he sho wu






100% organic or wildcrafted

A strengthening, empowering formula.

Designed with herbs that are known to increase testosterone, sperm mobility, and strength. It was designed with the intention to increase libido and support over-all well-being.

Deeply nourishing and full of adaptogens that work specifically on enhancing the divine masculine. These herbs are also known to promote longevity and aid in the treatment of prostate issues.

He sho wu is known to restore color to greyed hair and to promote hair-growth. Shilajit is a potent source of trace minerals, deeply nourishing the body and tissues and providing essential nutrients.

Ashwaghanda is an incredible adaptogen known to nourish the body, reduce stress, and support fertility through it's deep nourishment.

Mucuna and muira puama are both revered for increasing sperm-count and mobility.

This formula is ideal for men who are seeking to anchor more fully into the highest expression of themselves.

Pine pollen is a nutrient-rich superfood known to increase testosterone and benefit the heart. It is also known to enhance libido, will power, and mood. 

This packs a solid, yet gentle strength that is the essence of the divine masculine.

*This formula is also safe for women*

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