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Anxiety & Mineral Tonic; Herbal blend to Relax and Replenish






*vidari kanda







*slippery elm



prepared rehmannia

black sesame seed


oyster shell

*rose petals








4 or 8 oz jars

This blend is designed to address anxiety at the root. Anxiety is very often caused by deep and chronic depletion. The physical depletion causes what we call "a deranged vata" which is basically like an energy of instability... That energy enters the mind and causes quick and racing thoughts that become very hard to control.
With this blend, our goal is to both address that imbalance, but to also provide herbs that nourish the spirit and help elevate the awareness to a higher perspective. This helps to pull your awareness back a bit, so that instead of just engaging in any thought that pops into your brain.. you have more of a third person awareness.. And you can sit and think, "is this something I want to engage in?"
This blend is based in grounding and nourishing herbs... Along with very abundant mineral sources.. And then herbs that are uplifting to the spirit and provide a sense of safety and trust in life! We then add digestive herbs to ensure that the herbs are assimilated and absorbable (grounding herbs and minerals tend to be heavy in nature and can be hard to digest!) And best of all, this blend is safe for kids. For kids, I recommend making a warm tasty drink by adding a bit of milk / mylk of choice along with a drizzle of maple syrup or honey. I did my very best to blend it so that it is tasty and appetizing because I think it is important for kids to enjoy it and to not have it be a struggle... but with milk and a sweetener it really is tasty!



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