Sacred Love- Aphrodisiac Tincture

Sacred Love- Aphrodisiac Tincture

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*muira puama







*hawthorne berries

**pine pollen

lotus stamen


*rose petals


flower essences

rose quartz

Our Sacred Love blend is a potent aphrodisiac that also promotes relaxation and heart-opening.

Mucuna is a grounding, nourishing aphrodisiac that promotes sexual desire through nourishing the reproductive system. It stimulates dopamine production, providing a spirit of bliss and joy.

Maca works similarly to mucuna and works synergistically with it. It provides a deep nourishment to the reproductive system; both increasing sexual desire and supporting fertility.

Pine pollen is like the semen of plants (lol, but it's true!) It is one of the most potent herbal aphrodisiacs. It is said that if you take enough pine pollen, you are guaranteed to wake up with morning wood!

Cinnamon is a tasty spice and a powerful aphrodisiac. It acts by awakening the sexual channels and increasing energy flow.

Damiana is an excellent aphrodisiac in both men and women. It increases the sexual force and is incredibly supportive for fertility.

Sassafras is a staple herb in love charms and potions. It also is the same source that MDMA is extracted from (of course, this is in much different quantitites). It is warming and pleasure-inducing.

Tribulus is a preferred aphrodisiac in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It allows for greater blood-flow, increases fertility, and is beneficial in cases of erectile disfunction.

Rose is a gentle, sensual, and romantic energy.

Hawthorne opens the heart, supplying the support needed for the genuine heart connection that is desired in sexual experiences.

Lotus stamens provide an extremely high vibration, allowing for a connection on the highest spiritual and energetic level.

Muira puama is a Brazilian aphrodisiac and nerve tonic. It has a gentle and beautiful energy and really promotes an uplifted spirit and a desire to connect.

Rose quartz has a gentle and loving energy that helps to ground us in the spirit and energy of pure love.

We use a custom blend of flower essences that provides an energy of connection and upliftment.

Our tinctures are all blended in 10x filtered, non-GMO vodka.

Our aim with this formula was to not just increase desire, but to promote an environment that allows for true heart-opening and connection. We want to promote not just love making, but sacred love and bliss.