Lung Expanding Tincture- Herbal Tincture for Clear, Healthy Lungs

Lung Expanding Tincture- Herbal Tincture for Clear, Healthy Lungs

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2 oz or 4 oz bottles

This lung-support tincture is full of the most effective lung herbs out there. We use herbs that act both immediately and longterm to clear heaviness from the lungs and support proper lung function.

Osha increases blood flow to the lungs, which immediately dilates them and allows for deeper breathing. I have used Osha in place of an albuertol inhaler! That is how effective it is. It also works to clear away mucous. 

Tulsi is a potent adaptogen with numerous benefits. It not only reduces stress and uplifts the mood, but is also revered for reducing heaviness in the chest and clearing phlegm- making it ideal for chest cold and asthma alike.

Elecampane is extremely powerful at clearing infections from the lungs. It is extremely useful in coughs and colds.

Marshmallow is an effective demulcent for dry coughs and dry wheezing. Is is also great for croup.

Chaga stimulated the immune system and has even shown promise in fighting against lung cancer!

Licorice is a soothing expectorant that helps to break up mucous. It has the added benefit of being soothing and stress-relieving.

Pippali is a spicy Ayurvedic herb that is incredibly effective at clearing wetness and mucous from the lungs.

Eucalyptus is effective with opening and clearing the lungs and sinuses. It is actually probably my single favorite herb for sinus infections too!