Synergy- Adrenal Adaptogen Herbal Blend- for Energy, Longevity & Vitality
Synergy- Adrenal Adaptogen Herbal Blend- for Energy, Longevity & Vitality

Synergy- Adrenal Adaptogen Herbal Blend- for Energy, Longevity & Vitality

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pine pollen
muira puama
he sho wu
100% organic or wildcrafted 
4 oz= 48 servings
This herb blend as an extremely balanced, deeply nourishing formula designed for those who are struggling with chronic fatigue, systemic depletion, or adrenal issues. It can also be taken as an "herbal vitamin" as we chose herbs that are very high in essential vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals. 
The basis of this blend is grounding, adaptogenic herbs that are known to fortify and strengthen the body; maca, ashwaghanda, shatavari, and mucuna fall under this category.
Mucuna, maca, and muira guama are also known for fortifying the reproductive system, increasing fertility, and enhancing libido. They are also nutritious and grounding and known to reduce stress.
Ashwaghanda and shatavari are similar to the above herbs as they are deeply nutritious, reduce stress, and support the health of the body and increase longevity.
Moringa and nettles are deeply nutritive herbs. Because of their rich vitamin and mineral content, they have amazing results on the hair, skin, and teeth.
Mucuna and tulsi are known to enhance the mood. Tulsi is also known to help open and clear the lungs and chest.
Shilajit is an incredible source of trace minerals. It is often referred to as "nectar of the Gods" and is known to support longevity and energy.
He sho wu is a revered Chinese herb known to bring color back to greyed hair, support deep nourishment, and increase longevity.
Pine pollen is so abundant in life-force and increases energy and vitality.
Schizandra is another powerful adaptogen that fights against stress, reduces inflammation. It's an incredible wellness tonic.
Rhodiola is known to strengthen the nervous system and also fights depression.
Goji berries are a super-food that also support beauty, longevity, and stamina.
Licorice is a sweet herb, revered for supporting the adrenals and reducing stress.
Cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon are spices that assist in opening the energetic channels of the body, while supporting digestion. They are used in this formula to help absorb the other heavier herbs to make this a balanced, synergistic formula.