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Sweet Release- Herbal Blend to Release Anger and Relieve Irritation










*indian sasparilla












4 oz = 48 servings

Jatamansi is a beautiful and powerful herb for anxiety. It reduces stress without fogging the mind (as many anxiety-relieving herbs do!). It is said to be a medhya rasayana, meaning that it actually heals and rejuvenates the brain tissues. This herb is very relaxing and has a similar feeling to valerian, although it is more "sattvic", meaning it promotes mental clarity whereas valerian promotes a mental fogginess.

Eclipta is famous for it's ability to promote hair-growth, but the reason it actually promotes hair-growth is because it helps to remove heat from the head! It is said that when we are mad we are "hot-headed" and this isn't just a figure of speach! When we are angry, we are actually suffering from a physically and energetically hot head. This soothing and cooling herb effectively helps to remove heat from the head, allowing us to "cool down".

Rhodiola is one of the most effective herbs I've found thus for for depression. It is a potent and uplifting adaptogen that helps us to be less influenced and more resilient to stress.

Shankapushpi may be the very best Ayurvedic herb for supporting the mind. It is extremely rejuvenating and supportive of the mind and helps It really promotes a feeling of calm and peace.

Reishi is a highly spiritual herb that promotes a clear mind, heightened consciousness, and enhances and supports our connection with source.

Pearl is cooling, beautifying, and helps us to feel less worried and anxious. It, like Reishi, is one of the most effective Shen tonics, meaning that it keeps us connected with our heart-mind. 

Brahmi is another fabulous brain herb that really helps to enhance our cognition and supports clear thoughts. It is cooling to the mind and helps us think things through rather than just reacting!

Amalaki is cooling and very healing. It increases Ojas (life force), while effectively balancing all doshas (bodily humors). It is cooling to the body and to the mind and is also a wonderful immunity herb.

Rose is a beautiful, cooling and sattvic (promotes clarity) herb. It is very balanced and gentle and wonderful for removing heat.

Damiana is an uplifting, giggly, aphrodisiac that helps us to lighten up. It really helps you to see the hilarity of life instead of getting lost under the heaviness of things.

Calamus is a powerful brain herb. It clears the subtle channels of the mind better than any other herb out there. it is the best drug in removing toxic drug residues from the brain and is extremely nourishing for the brain and nervous system.

Indian sasparilla is a gentle and cooling herb that very effectively removes excessive heat that make us much more prone to anger. It has the added benefit of being clearing for the skin and is beneficial for the liver.

Ashwaghanda is another potent, grounding adaptogen. With long-term use, it  really reduces anxiety through deeply nourishing us. When we feel nourished, we feel much more content and less touchy and anxious.

Shatavari is a beautiful, cooling Ayurvedic herb. It's cooling nature helps to balance out the excessive bodily heat that is always present with anger. It, like Ashwaghanda, is also deeply nourishing. It works well longterm to help remedy the physical imbalances that can make it hard to keep anger at bay.

Gudduchi is known as a medhya rasayana, meaning that it actually helps to rejuvenate the brain. It support clear thinking and has the added benefit of being a very effective, yet gentle immune-enhancing herb.


Directions for use;

Pour desired amount into a glass and cover with hot/ boiling water. Let cool to a drinkable temperature. Drink and enjoy! You do NOT need to drink the powder at the bottom to get the full benefits! If you want to, you can pour another cup of hot water over the remnants and make another cup of tea! Some people take as little as 1/4 tsp all the way up to 2 tsp per day! There is a huge variation.

Like all of our blends, our recommendation is to take this intuitively! The amount you need to heal will be totally unique to YOU! It is not a matter of whether or not herbs work, it is a matter of proper dosage and also of taking the proper herb! The amount you need to heal may be HALF or DOUBLE what someone else might need! Trust yourself. If you feel you need more, take more! This is how you will heal! Herbs are VERY often chronically under-dosed. We make our blends VERY energetically-balanced to ensure that you will be safe to play around with dosages.. But ALWAYS pay attention to your body, if something is or isn't making you feel good- PAY ATTENTION TO THAT!

We gladly exchange if you feel that you are not taking the appropriate blend. That being said, please check in with yourself and your body prior to making a purchase because we use very expensive herbs and hate to waste. 


*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to treat or cure any diseases.*


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