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Joyous Spirit- Herbal Blend Uplifting the Mood


4 oz


*mucuna, *damiana, pearl powder, *reishi, *kanna, *rhodiola, albizia,
*tulsi, spirit poria, **lotus pollen, **pine pollen, *calamus, *brahmi, *shankapushpi, *muira puama, *ginseng, *sassafrass, *ashwaghanda, *eleuthero, *rose petals, *goji, *poppy seed, *cardamom, *jujube, *hawthorne, *cinnamon, saffron

*organic **wildcrafted

 4 oz jar

The intention of this blend is to bestow you with a giggly and uplifted energy. We utilize herbs that are known to clarify the mind, which assists you in rising above depressive thought patterns. Instead of simply just indulging in them, it will allow you to float above them and see that you're falling into them in the first place! We utilize all of our favorite feel-good herbs that assist in promoting a positive perception and help you to feel the bliss! 

Directions for use;

Pour desired amount into a glass and cover with hot/ boiling water. Let cool to a drinkable temperature. Drink and enjoy! You do NOT need to drink the powder at the bottom to get the full benefits! If you want to, you can pour another cup of hot water over the remnants and make another cup of tea! Some people take as little as 1/4 tsp all the way up to 2 tsp per day! There is a huge variation.

Like all of our blends, our recommendation is to take this intuitively! The amount you need to heal will be totally unique to YOU! It is not a matter of whether or not herbs work, it is a matter of proper dosage and also of taking the proper herb! The amount you need to heal may be HALF or DOUBLE what someone else might need! Trust yourself. If you feel you need more, take more! This is how you will heal! Herbs are VERY often chronically under-dosed. We make our blends VERY energetically-balanced to ensure that you will be safe to play around with dosages.. But ALWAYS pay attention to your body, if something is or isn't making you feel good- PAY ATTENTION TO THAT!

We gladly exchange if you feel that you are not taking the appropriate blend. That being said, please check in with yourself and your body prior to making a purchase because we use very expensive herbs and hate to waste. 


*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to treat or cure any diseases.*


Customer Reviews

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I love it! I really felt better right away and then just continued to feel better as I took it.


It is wonderful. It mixes well in tea. I feel much calmer. It has a very smooth taste