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Herbal Neosporin- "Medicated" Tallow Balm for Infections and Yeast



*grass-fed tallow

*ozonated coconut oil

*castor oil

bees wax

*joboba oil

almond oil


*myrrh resin

*indian sasparilla




*rose petals

**pearl powder



*frankincense EO

rose EO

1 oz

This product was inspired by my son's persistent diaper rash that was not responding to any traditional treatments!

The neem, myrrh, turmeric, and Indian sasparilla target and attack yeast rashes, infections, and other itchy, irritated rashes.

Neem is drying and antibacterial and will help to kill and dry out the yeast. 

Myrrh is also great at fighting infection, killing bacteria, and promoting healing.

Indian sasparilla is gentle and cooling and is a beautiful skin herb for soothing heat-related skin conditions. It is also great at soothing inflammation.

Ozonated oil helps create an oxygenated environment which helps stop infections.

The pearl & rose nourish and soothe irritation.

Calendula is gentle, soothing, and promotes healing.

The herbs have been slowly infused into these organic oils and butters to make a potent healing blend that is ready to take on even the most stubborn skin conditions. Our intention was to blend potent anti-yeast and anti-infection herbs with gentle, soothing herbs to create a very energetically-balanced blend.

This is ideal for yeast rashes, itchy skin conditions, and for preventing infections in cuts.



Apply to wherever you want! We always recommend to use intuitively. 

*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to treat or cure any diseases.*

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