Super-Mineral Remineralizing Oil-Pulling Oil

Super-Mineral Remineralizing Oil-Pulling Oil

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*organic sesame oil




*gum acacia








*slippery elm

*white oak bark

*bee propolis

galle chinensis


*-organic **-wildcrafted

An organic sesame oil infused with top quality herb and minerals.

We slowly infuse herbs into organic sesame oil, allowing for optimum absorb-ability. Pearls and eco-sourced coral offer ancient, mineral sources that provide crucial minerals to the teeth in appropriate proportions.

Bee propolis has been shown to kill bacteria that causes tooth decay. In anecdotal evidence, I have also seen many people online who claim that using bee propolis helped them to heal existent cavities and remineralize their teeth.

White oak bark has been used for hundreds (if not thousands) of years to maintain oral health. Native Americans used to chew on the bark to prevent both gum and tooth issues. It is known to be very effective for gingivitis, while also supporting the remineralization of teeth.

Shilajit is a rich source of trace minerals and is extremely nourishing to the body, bones, and teeth.

Slippery elm creates a moisturizing layer that fights against dry mouth and also enhances absorption of other herbs.

Pearls are potent mineral sources that provide minerals in very similar proportions as found in teeth.

Amla is an Ayurvedic herb that is very rich in vitamin C. It has shown great promise in treating both gum and dental issues.

Theobromine is the active ingredient in one of the most popular remineralizing pastes. It has been shown to he l remineralize the teeth in studies performed by the makers of that paste. It has shown to be superior to fluoride in hardening the teeth and preventing decay.

Licorice has long been used to treat and prevent dental issues. Even toothpaste giants such as Colgate have performed studies that prove that licorice helps halt decay and promotes a healthy oral environment that can allow for remineralization.

Clove is used to reduce dental pain, while myrrh is to kill bacteria and halt decay.

Oatstraw and horsetail are classic herbs for bone healing because they are extremely rich sources of minerals.

Moringa is a rich mineral source.

Galle chinensis and gum acacia have both been shown in scientific studies to assist in remineralization.

We use herbs that are known to support bone healing, reduce pain and inflammation, and support dental health.