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Super-Remineralizing Ozonated Tooth Butter (toothpaste)

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washed clay or diatomaceous earth (DE for the clay-free formula)

*ozonated coconut oil


pearl powder



bee propolis 

herb blend to strengthen teeth, gums, and promote bone-healing

(drynaria, rehmannia, eucommia, hadjod,**shilajit, *slippery elm, *neem, *wheatgrass, marshmallow, black sesame seed,*clove, *amla,  *oatstraw, *horsetail, *licorice, *cardamom, *kalmegh, teasel root, *myrrh, *anantamul, *alfalfa)

*sesame oil

*castor oil

*kokum butter

We are so excited about this new formula. In this formula, we have utilized every single ingredient that has shown results in remineralizing. 

Theobromine has been shown to work better than fluoride and hydroxyapatite has shown amazing results in scientific studies around remineralization.

Our proprietary herb blend is comprised of the most-effective bone healing herbs from Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western medicine. This blend provided adequate minerals and vitamins.

Bee propolis has also shown impressive results in topical remineralization.

Ozonated oil is used by most holistic dentists to halt decay and heal decaying teeth and promote a healthier oral environment.

Sesame oil is the primary oil as the base of this formula, which we selected because of it's calcium content. It is known to be the best oil to use in the mouth and gives strength to the teeth and gums.


I like to view our tooth butter as a toothpaste concentrate. Most toothpastes are diluted with water. Our has no water. Depending on the state of your mouth, you may want to dip the toothbrush under water a few times while brushing (I personally like to do this bc I often experience dry-mouth)

Other than that, you can use this toothpaste much like you would any other toothpaste! Apply it to. your brush, run it under water, and scrub your chompers!

We personally feel safe using this toothpaste on our children (ages 5 and 14 months)..

My husband swears by his method of brushing, which basically is a double brush. He brushes once and then swishes with water and spits and then brushes one more time. So that is worth trying too! He does this bc he does the first round to make sure they are clean and the second round to apply a nice, mineral-rich oil to the teeth.

You really just want to feel in to your mouth and teeth and see what feels good and right to you. There is no one "right" way to use this product, just go with your gut!

 **We have tested unopened toothpastes for up to 6+ months and they have not molded. We have never had one of our opened jars mold either. However, if you are using a jar (sticking a toothbrush or fingers in there) and close the jar and leave it for many months, it CAN mold. I have only heard of this happening twice.. They are designed to be used within THREE months once used and can store UNOPENED for longer**

*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to treat or cure any diseases.*

Customer Reviews

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Best toothpaste available!

This toothpaste not only makes my teeth feel clean and healthy, my kids LOVE it! They won’t even touch store bought toothpaste anymore! The healing effects we’ve seen have been outstanding!

Best toothpaste!!!

I’ve been in search for a better toothpaste for a while now and have finally found the perfect one. It’s gentle on your teeth and the taste is great! I got the clay-free mint and I am in love! 😍 I’ve already noticed healthier teeth in only a week of using it!

Worked right away for my tooth sensitivity!

First off, this shipped fast, you get a lot of product and it came with a cute little card. I put this on my teeth right away and immediately helped my tooth sensitivity. I’ve only had it for a day so I’m going to check back in with the black stains I have on one of my teeth and a little hole I have on another.

A product that is all it’s said to be!

I’m having severe issues with small cavities developing between my teeth. After my last dentist visit when I was told “we just don’t know what’s wrong with your teeth, you’re developing small cavities between all your teeth and you never had this problem before” I took matters into my own hands. I started researching tooth decay & holistic healing options- I was tired of costly
and permanently damaging drilling.
I found Bliss Energetics in one of my online natural tooth healing groups. Over and over I kept hearing about this magical “tooth putty” and “remineralizing toothpaste.” Honestly, reviews and mention of these products were everywhere. And when I saw the ingredients and cross referenced them with all I was reading on how teeth can regenerate and how to replenish what you’re lacking that creates cavities I had to buy from Bliss! The ingredients are what I was reading are needed to remineralize. It hasn’t been long, but I’m telling you, I visibly see a difference with the one main cavity I’m working on and feel a difference in other teeth, too. I truly believe these products are working and I can’t wait for the next dental visit to see what the dentist says. Shipping was fast and the products are easy to use and leave my teeth feeling great. Highly recommend!! Great price for the amount of product you receive and the exceptional quality.

This is an amazing product!

If you haven't purchased this tooth butter yet, you should! I have seen a marked improvement in my teeth since I have started using this. My teeth feel incredibly clean with use as well. Show some love and get this today!