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Allergy Relief- Herbal Blend for Mucous, Congestion, Seasonal Allergies










**pine pollen





*black pepper

*long pepper




*triphala guggulu


*organic **wildcrafted

4 or 8 oz jars

The overall intention of this blend is to help dissolve stagnations that manifest as mucous and heaviness in the chest (asthma). We also intend to provide nourishment so that  the mucous membranes and digestive tract hare healthy, intact, and not so vulnerable. We use a unique blend of heating herbs that will help remove chronic cold & dampness that manifests in allergies.

This blend is unique in the fact that it treats allergies from all angles. It removes toxins and heaviness, soothes the mucous membranes, increases strength and vitality, and removes toxins and dampness from the body.

Tulsi is a beautiful, adaptogenic herb that is very energetically-balanced. It works fabulously to support the lungs and increases the overall health and vitality of the body. Being so balanced, it promotes balance in the body.

Punarnava is a blood purifier and also helps to relieve the body of heaviness. It works great on allergies of all types because of it's clearing nature.

Triphala guggulu is incredible at dissolving. It penetrates deeply into the tissues and helps dissolve long-standings stagnations. It purifies the blood. It is VERY scraping, so it effectively scrapes excess mucous and other toxins that cause allergic reaction.

Ginger, black pepper, and long pepper are all digestive and clearing. Interestingly, a strong and healthy digestive system is going to be much more effective at clearing out allergens. Pippali is powerfully supportive of the lungs. Ginger helps to dissolve and also ensure that the rest of the herbs in this formula will be dissolved.

Dashamula is extremely grounding, warming, and nourishing. Allergies can also have a root in dryness, so dashamula helps to relieve that internal dryness, making the body more resilient. 

Cardamom is a synergistic herb that helps the absorption of other herbs and is also very clearing and opening for the lungs.

Ashwaghanda supports the overall strength and vitality of the body. It is grounding and nourishing and makes the body more resilient.

Pine pollen is one of the most potent sources of life-force energy. It is supremely nourishing and warming. Like bee pollen, it can help the body be more resilient and less influenced by allergens.

 Kalmegh is very better and clearing. It helps to clear heaviness and mucous and is very clearing for the blood and the body as a whole.

Nettles is a powerful herb used for all types of allergies and asthma. It helps to lessen allergic reactions.

Licorice is very supportive for the lungs and also is a synergistic herb that helps other herbs work better.

Schizandra is a uniquely balanced herb as it is one of the few herbs that has ll five tastes. It is very nourishing and supportive for the body as a whole, making the body less vulnerable and more resilient to toxins and allergens.

Turmeric helps to clear toxins from the blood and relieves congestion and heaviness.

Directions for use;

Pour desired amount into a glass and cover with hot/ boiling water. Let cool to a drinkable temperature. Drink and enjoy! You do NOT need to drink the powder at the bottom to get the full benefits! If you want to, you can pour another cup of hot water over the remnants and make another cup of tea! Some people take as little as 1/4 tsp all the way up to 2 tsp per day! There is a huge variation.

Like all of our blends, our recommendation is to take this intuitively! The amount you need to heal will be totally unique to YOU! It is not a matter of whether or not herbs work, it is a matter of proper dosage and also of taking the proper herb! The amount you need to heal may be HALF or DOUBLE what someone else might need! Trust yourself. If you feel you need more, take more! This is how you will heal! Herbs are VERY often chronically under-dosed. We make our blends VERY energetically-balanced to ensure that you will be safe to play around with dosages.. But ALWAYS pay attention to your body, if something is or isn't making you feel good- PAY ATTENTION TO THAT!

We gladly exchange if you feel that you are not taking the appropriate blend. That being said, please check in with yourself and your body prior to making a purchase because we use very expensive herbs and hate to waste. 

 *These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to treat or cure any diseases.*




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