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Liquid Bliss- Herbal Tintcture for Giggles, Bliss, and Joy


4 oz



pink lotus 

blue lotus

lotus stamen



*rose petlas






*muira puama



vodka (gluten-free)

flower & gemstone essences

2 oz / 60 ml

The energy and intention of this blend is to uplift the soul and promote feelings of giggly bliss. It is a great blend to add to alcohol if you drink or to use as an all-natural alternative to a drink if you are sober. 

Damiana is a uplifting, giggly herb. It has a light and inspiring energy. I find that it allows me to flow easily into joy. It is also a potent aphrodisiac.

The lotuses are one of the most spiritually uplifting herbs. They carry a very high vibration and are uplifting while also being somewhat hypnotic. They are also aphrodisiacs, promoting an energy of sacred love and bliss!

Catuaba is an energizing aphrodisiac. It helps us to connect in with our sexual energy, but also just feels good! 

Rose petals are a very gentle, grounded, and synergistic herb.

Rhodiola is a very uplifting herb. It helps us to feel more alive and more in the moment. It helps us to ascend out of low vibrational feelings and to be anchored in our child-like joy. It's a very effective herb for depression too!

Skullcap is soothing and relaxing. It allows us to step out of our thought-cycles related to stress and anxiety and just ease into the moment.

Sasafrass is a supremely blissful herb. It is actually what MDMA is derived from. It promotes heart-opening and allows us to step into our love flow.

Reishi is one of the most spiritually uplifting herbs that exists. It helps us to step into a feeling of trust of the universe and allows us to see the higher intention in all that is going on in our life.

Tulsi is a very balanced herb and has a wonderful effect on the mood and emotions. It brings joy, but also peace. It soothes us without sedating us.

Ashwaghanda is a nourishing herb that brings joy through comfort and security. It helps us to feel grounded and safe. 

Muira puama is a blissful aphrodisiac. It really gets your energies flowing! 

Cinnamon helps the other herbs to be absorbed more effectively. It also opens up the channels in the body, allowing for more free-flowing energies.

Pearls are a revered beauty herb, but also has a beautiful impact on the heart-mind. It soothes the soul and really allows one to feel safe by relieving anxiety.


Add desired amount to juice or water as needed. Play around with dosage to get the perfect amount. Dosage will vary from person to person! You can trust yourself to play around with it and find the perfect for you.. We recommend to start low and increase as you feel the need. PAY ATTENTION TO HOW YOU FEEL! This is the most telling factor!

*I have found that tinctures work best when you hold the tincture/water or juice blend in your mouth for a few minutes*

We always will accept exchanges and returns! The reason for this is that we want you to be able to HEAL from the blend you choose, that is our utmost priority! That being said, PLEASE check in with your Self and make sure that this is the right blend for you! We use the top quality, rarest herbs in our blends and we really don't like to waste them. However, do not hesitate to exchange or return if it isn't working for you bc you HEALING is our number one priority.

*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to treat or cure any diseases.*





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