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Healthy Gums Oil-Pulling Oil - For Gingivitis and Inflammation

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*sunflower oil

*coconut oil

**powdered pearls








*oyster shell

*white oak bark



*rose petals






galle chinensis



*slippery elm 




*100% organic **wildcrafted

This blend was designed with herbs that are known to pull excessive heat from gums, reduce redness, and "tighten" gums. The blend is quite sweet-tasting, with undertones of bitter. You are welcome to dilute the blend to make it go further or if the taste is too strong fo you.

Sunflower and coconut oil are both cooling, which assists in removing excessive heat from the gums.

White oak bark is known to obtain remineralizing properties, but is equally as powerful at healing the gums. Native Americans used to chew on white oak bark to prevent dental issues. It is powerful in reducing gum swelling.

Manjistha is powerful at stripping heat from the body and effectively pulls heat and tightens the gums

Sandalwood and bhringaraj are both none to be very cooling and help reduce bleeding and irritation.

Theobromine has shown in studies to be even more powerful in healing the teeth than fluoride. It is also very bitter and great for removing heat from the gums & when there is heat, there in inflammation!

Amla helps support the gums, combats bad bacteria, and helps to prevent tooth decay.

Marshmallow and slippery elm are muciloginous hersb that helps to increase the absorption of other herbs. They also very soothing and even helps to prevent dry-mouth.

Rose petals, cardamom, and licorice are cooling and gently soothing herbs, helping to soothe inflamed and irritated gums.

Triphala helps to strengthen, tighten, and reduce inflammation and bleeding of the gums. It has been shown in multiple studies to reduce the risk of tooth decay and is very effective at treating the gums.

Neem reduces bad bacteria in the mouth and also reduces inflammation, bleeding, and swelling. It is a very bitter herb, which makes it very affective at tightening the gums and reducing heat, infection, and bleeding.

Oatstraw and horsetail are mineral-rich herbs that support bone health. They supply the teeth and gums with an abundant source of minerals. They are also cooling in nature, so they will help to pull excessive heat from the gums.


Hold oil in your mouth up to 20 minutes. When your nose starts running, it is time to spit it out! You can oil pull as many times per day as you would like. You can also dilute the oil if you want to make it go further..  This blend is bitter, sweet, and astringent, which are the qualities needed to pull excessive heat from the gums and to tighten them! If the flavor is not tolerable, dilute it! 

*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to treat or cure any diseases.*


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Healed irritation in gums
So far I am impressed
it works!
Finally my gums don’t bleed!