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Adrenal Tonic; Tonic to Strengthen, Energize, Nourish & Fight Fatigue




*black maca




*vidari kanda 

black sesame seed

*he sho wu


**pine pollen

prepared rehmannia

eucommia bark




*slippery elm






4 or 8 oz jars

Ahh! This blend is truly so lovely. It provides energy to the body through nourishment instead of stimulation. I have tested it quite a bit myself and when I start to get that awful *drained* feeling, I simply have a cup and it really helps to uplifts me! The great things about it though, is that even though it is energizing, it won't overstimulate like caffeine. I am prone to insomnia, yet I am able to drink it close to bedtime! 

This blend is ideal for anyone struggling from adrenal insufficiencies or chronic fatigue. It is grounding and nourishing. My Ayurvedic teacher used to say that coffee is like buying energy on a CC- you gotta pay it back! This is like depositing money into your savings. It is meant to give you more and more energy over time because it helps rectify the depletion that causes the fatigue in the first place. However, if you do drink coffee, this blend would be a PERFECT blend to stir into it to make it more balanced!

The base of this blend is a unique formulation of various herbs that are known for being deeply nourishing and revitalizing to the body. I use both warming and cooling herbs so that the blend is neither too heating or too cooling. 

The digestive spices aid in the absorption of the heavier, nourishing herbs and also give it a really yummy autumn taste. The blend tastes great on its own or it can be mixed with a bit of milk/ mylk and even a pinch of maple syrup! I would say this blend is also kid-friendly (especially when blended like a spiced milk!)


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