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Bone Renewal Tincture


2 oz


black sesame, rehmannia, eucommia, hadjod, **pearls, **coral, drynaria, *horsetail, *oatstraw, teasel root, *arjuna, *ashwaghanda, **dragon bone, *alfalfa, *slippery elm, *marshmallow, *licorice, *cardamom, *ginger, *moringa, *anantamul, **shilajit, vegetable glycerin, purified water, vodka


This tincture is basically just the tincture version of our best-selling Bone Renewal herbal blend. I decided to make this in tincture form because tinctures are generally a lot easier to sneak into kids :) The glycerin imparts a sweet taste that is very palatable and even tastes good in water! We use only a splash of vodka to ensure that we are extracting as much medicine as possible! I taste tested it in water and I was not able to taste the vodka. You also can add the tincture to warm/ hot water and it will burn out the alcohol and leave you with all the medicine!

We use a unique blend of herbs that supports the bones and teeth from multiple angles. We use powerful kidney tonics because the kidneys are said to nourish and support the bones. We use classic bone-healing and bone-supporting Western herbs. We also use natural mineral sources like sea shells from oysters and powdered pearls. Then on top of all that, we include herbs that help digestion and absorption of the other herbs in the blend.

Some additional benefits that these herbs are known to impart are adrenal support, lessened anxiety, and improved digestion.

Instructions; I always recommend that you play around with dosage. There is not going to be one set dosage that works for everyone and if you are not getting results the chances are that your dosage is off! Your body will tell you if you have taken too much with subtle signs.. pay attention! You aren't going to injure yourself if you take a bit too much.

For kids, you want to start with less if they are smaller whereas larger kids or adults can start with a full tincture. For very young children, you can start with a few drops up to a quarter dropper-full and go from there. Pay attention to your child and gradually increase dosage and/ or frequency. You really need to play around with it to find the proper dosage for you or your child.

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Bessie Moskovian

Bone Renewal Tincture

Tawna Crandal
So far so good!

I have been taking this for about 3 weeks now and I see marked improvement with my teeth. It tastes great so I take it directly into the mouth 1-2 times a day. I love all of Bliss Energetics products and I cannot wait to buy more.

Bone renewal tincture

I bought this tincture and I have been using daily. I can see a difference already. I love this. Thank you for all this amazing tincture!