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Cooling Allergy Relief- Herbal Blend for Hives, Redness, and Itchiness

Cooling Allergy Relief- Herbal Blend for Hives, Redness, and Itchiness

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rose petals






triphala guggulu








slippery elm

100% organic or wildcrafted

4 oz = 48 servings

This cooling blend helps to both clear the body of excessive, toxic heat, while also clearing the blood and removing toxins. It all promote a strong and resilient body that will be less vulnerable to allergic reactions.

Gudduchi is a cooling and harmonizing herb. It is powerful at reliving rashes and toxic skin conditions. It supports healthy elimination of toxins and is unique in that it is heating, but it also removes excessive heat from the body.

Amla is a very balanced herb that supports the vitality of the body as a whole. it is rejuvinatize and is wonderful to remove excessive heat, while also promoting strength.

Rose petals are cooling and harmonizing. They gently soothe and make the body less reactive.

Tulsi is an herb that is extremely balanced and supportive of the body as a whole. It works amazingly on the respiratory system.

Shatavari is a cooling and nourishing herb that helps to pacify excessive heat.

Triphala guggulu is an herb blend that is unparalleled in dissolving toxins. It penetrates deep to access toxins that few other herbs can reach. It is very scraping in nature and powerful at pulling and dissolving toxic accumulations.

Slippery elm is cooling, soothing, and nourishing. It supports the natural protective barriers of the body, making it less vulnerable. It also supports the body in being able to rid itself of toxins.

Cardamom is a cooling and synergistic herb that helps to dissolve toxins, while also being very supportive of the respiratory system.

Anantamul is a cooling herb that is fantastic at removing excessive heat, clearing the blood, and removing heat-related skin conditions. It is very balanced in nature.

Punarnava is another extremely balanced herb that helps to pull out toxins.

Fennel and ginger and digestive herbs that are also dissolving. Fennel is cooling in nature. They both help to increase digestive capacity which helps the body to dissolve toxins.

Nettles is a cooling herb that is powerful at both relieving heat-related conditions and allergies. It pulls toxins, removes heat, and makes the body less reactive.

Schizandra supports the overall strength and integrity of the body, while also making it less vulnerable to toxins and allergens.

Kalmegh is bitter and very cleansing. It will relieve heat-related conditions, skin conditions, and toxic accumulation.

Oatstraw is very nourishing and strengthening to the body. It allows the body to be less reactive to allergens.

Licorice is supportive of the digestive tract, cooling, and synergistic meaning it allows the other herbs in the formula to be more effective.

Goji berries are very rich and nourishing to the body, increasing strength and vitality and lessening vulnerability.