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Deep Relaxation- Herbal Blend for Anxiety, Sleep, & Grounding

Deep Relaxation- Herbal Blend for Anxiety, Sleep, & Grounding

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4 oz = 48 servings

This blend is unique compared to other anxiety formulas because it works on anxiety through deeply grounding and nourishing the body rather than sedating it.

Ashwaghanda and shatavari are an energetically-balanced (equal parts heating and cooling) deeply nourishing and adaptogenic blend of herbs. This blend is known to prevent aging, promote healthy sleep cycles, nourish the body, and sooth & calm the nervous system.

Jatamansi is one of my favorite relaxing herbs. It is mildly sedating, but unlike most other sedating herbs, it does not cloud the mind. It removes heat, relaxes, and is extremely soothing.

Pearl and Reishi are two incredible Shen tonic, meaning that they nourish the "heart-mind". They are fantastic for soothing and grounding the spirit and are some of the top medicines for grief and sadness. Their relaxing and nourishing qualities also make them perfect to release anxiety or to help you get prepared for a good night's sleep.

Dashamula is an Ayurvedic blend of 10 roots that is extremely warming and grounding. It is one of the most deeply nourishing Ayurvedic herb blends. It strengthens the body, revitalizes the nervous system.

Rose petals are gently cooling and calming. They are a very sattvic or "clear" herb that promote a clear and cool disposition.

Marshmallow is a thick, mucilaginous herb that helps to hydrate the body. Through it's hydrating action it supports a well-hydrated and nourished body that is more able to ground and relax.

Shankapushpi is one of the most revered brain herbs from Ayurvedic medicine. It is soothing to the nervous system while also rejuvenating the brain.

Nutmeg is a natural sleep aid that also calms the nerves.  

Mucuna is a superbly grounding and nourishing herb. It acts on the dopamine receptors that allow us to feel more happy and contented.

Nettles is jam-packed with nutrients and helps to nourish the "Ojas" or vital force within the body. It is both nourishing and detoxifying.

Gudduchi is primarily used as an immune tonic, but it also has the added benefits of being very soothing to the mind.

Ginger and cardamom are supportive spices in this blend that help the body to more easily absorb the heavier herbs that form the base of this blend. Cardamom is also a fabulous herb for the lungs, while ginger is very supportive for the digestive system.


Directions for use;

Pour desired amount into a glass and cover with hot/ boiling water. Let cool to a drinkable temperature. Drink and enjoy! You do NOT need to drink the powder at the bottom to get the full benefits! If you want to, you can pour another cup of hot water over the remnants and make another cup of tea! Some people take as little as 1/4 tsp all the way up to 2 tsp per day! There is a huge variation.

Like all of our blends, our recommendation is to take this intuitively! The amount you need to heal will be totally unique to YOU! It is not a matter of whether or not herbs work, it is a matter of proper dosage and also of taking the proper herb! The amount you need to heal may be HALF or DOUBLE what someone else might need! Trust yourself. If you feel you need more, take more! This is how you will heal! Herbs are VERY often chronically under-dosed. We make our blends VERY energetically-balanced to ensure that you will be safe to play around with dosages.. But ALWAYS pay attention to your body, if something is or isn't making you feel good- PAY ATTENTION TO THAT!

We gladly exchange if you feel that you are not taking the appropriate blend. That being said, please check in with yourself and your body prior to making a purchase because we use very expensive herbs and hate to waste. 


*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to treat or cure any diseases.*




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