Divine Mother Herbal Blend

Divine Mother Herbal Blend

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**pearl powder



*vidari kanda

black sesame seed





*red raspberry leaf

*slippery elm



4 or 8 oz jars

I designed this blend for myself to take during my pregnancy :) I have been taking it since early on and have found it to be so supportive and nourishing. It was really wonderful at supporting me through the fatigue of the 1st trimester! I would feel so drained and a cup really helped to give me my life force back!

I used herbs that are utilized in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to prevent miscarriage and help fetal growth. I also added potent mineral sources to nourish both mama and baby. We also used herbs that are blood tonics, which nourish and support the expanding blood supply. We also use gentle uterine tonics that help to prepare the uterus for a quick and effective labor!

This blend is gentle, strengthening, and deeply nourishing and was designed to help balance out the imbalances that pregnancy can sometimes bring such as depletion, deficiency, and constipation.

This blend isn't only for pregnant mamas. It is great for nursing mothers or anyone who is wanting to deeply nourish themselves! It is gentle yet beautifully supportive.