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*Divinity*- Vegan Herb-Infused Cream with Moonstone & Ormus



*jojoba oil

sweet almond oil

*kokum butter

*castor oil

*argan oil

*ozonated coconut oil

*rose petals

moonstone powder





*goji berries




EO blend- (palo Santo, blue tansy, rose, geranium, sandalwood, frankincense, balsam of Peru, lime, grapefruit)

*oils are from either Rocky Mountain Oils or Plant Therapy*

This formula is a blend of beautiful, nourishing oils and rich butters. The blend gives this nourishing and moisturizing formula stability. it isn't watery like a lotion, but is thick and firm- a little goes a long way.

Rose petals are one of the most revered beauty herbs in various systems of medicine. They are cooling to the skin, which helps reduce acne and inflammation. They are extremely gentle and also very sattvic (meaning they have a very pure energy).

Ormus is also known as monoatomic gold. It is an alchemical substance that carries a very high spiritual energy and promotes elevated consciousness and healing.

Reishi is a very spiritual and uplifting herb. It supports radiance on a physical and spiritual level.

Goji berries are extremely rich in nutrients which makes them a beautiful vitamin source for the skin.

Spirulina is extremely cooling and wonderful at taking the redness out of skin. 

Indian sasparilla (also known as anantamul) is gentle and cooling. It soothes irritated skin conditions and helps to maintain a clear complexion.

Shatavari is rich, gentle, and nourishing and also supports a clear complexion. 

Moonstone is, of course, connected to the moon and carries a strong lunar energy. It is cooling, watery, and known to enhance the intuition. 

Cardamom is a cooling and sweet synergistic spice that helps to absorb and assimilate the other herbs in this formula. 

The essential oil blend is gentle and beautiful, with palo Santo being the most prominent scent. 

I love this lotion so much :) The scent is divine and each time I use it I know that I am anointing my skin with such beautiful herbs, oils, and crystals.

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