Plain Ozonated Remineralizing Tooth Butter (Clay & Clay-Free)

Plain Ozonated Remineralizing Tooth Butter (Clay & Clay-Free)

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washed bentonite clay or diatomaceous earth

coral calcium (eco sourced)

bone renewal by synergy vitamins

*ozonated coconut oil

*herb-infused sesame oil

(*spearmint, *peppermint, myrrh, *clove, gum acacia,* marshmallow, *horsetail, *slippery elm, *licorice, *horsetail, *oatstraw, white oak bark, *calendula, rose, *cardamom, pearls, galle chinensis)

bee propolis

*kokum butter

*castor oil

himalyan salt

colloidal silver


Our tooth butter was formulated with herbs classically known to help bone healing and dental remineralization.

We infuse mineral-rich herbs into organic sesame oil. Also use herbs known to reduce gum inflammation and help strengthen enamel.

Ozonated oil is what is used by most revolutionary holistic dentists. We use the highest quality vitamins available and eco-sourced coral.