Soothing Spirit- Tincture for Peace, Grounding, & Anxiety-Relief

Soothing Spirit- Tincture for Peace, Grounding, & Anxiety-Relief

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flower & gemstone essences

non-GMO vodka

* organic ** wildcrafted

2 or 4 oz bottles

Jatamansi is a beautiful and powerful herb for anxiety. It reduces stress without fogging the mind (as many anxiety-relieving herbs do!). It is said to be a medhya rasayana, meaning that it actually heals and rejuvenates the brain tissues. This herb is very relaxing and has a similar feeling to valerian, although it is more "sattvic", meaning it promotes mental clarity whereas valerian promotes a mental fogginess.

Rose is a gentle, soothing, uplifting, and high-vibrational flower that gently soothes the body and reduces heat.

Ashwaghanda is a grounding and nourishing adaptogen. It relieves anxiety through nourishing us. Many people don't realize this, but anxiety actually stems from chronic deficiency, so herbs that ground and nourish can be very affective at treating anxiety in the long run.

Reishi is one of the most spiritually-uplifting herbs that exists. It is extremely supporting to the spirit and helps connect us in with the knowing that there is a divine purpose in all that happens to us. It is known as a "life-giving" herb because it nourishes your jing (lack of jing results in aging and also fear).

Pearl is similar to reishi in the sense that they are both Shen tonics. Shen is known as the "heart-mind", it is the sense of spirituality that runs through all humans. When Shen is nourished, we trust in life and feel at peace. Shen is very often depleted in cases of anxiety. Pearl is wonderful for nourishing Shen and has the added benefit of being relaxing and beautifying.

Dashamula is an Ayurvedic blend of ten roots that is extremely grounding, warming, and nourishing. "Vata" is the humor that is at the root of anxiety. It has the qualities of being fast, drying, cold, and depleted. Dashamula provides all of the qualities needed to balance vata, successfully harmonizing the root cause of anxious thoughts. 

Tulsi is a spiritually and energetically uplifting adaptogenic herb. It promotes purity and balance in the body and in the mind. It is harmonizing and said to be the incarnation of the goddess in plant form. It is light and uplifting and helps us to feel good both mentally and physically. 

Rhodiola is widely used for the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. It is reported to minimize both the frequency and intensity of anxiety attacks. It has a positive and uplifting energy that benefits the spirit.

Cardamom and ginger are two synergizing herbs. They both assist in the absorption of other herbs and also help the body to process and absorb undigested food, toxins, and emotions.

Flower and gemstone essences are used to help engage in a trusting, supporting relationship with the divine. Trust is the opposite of anxiety and when we are anchored in trust, anxiety and fear cannot touch us. These vibrational essences support trust on an energetic level.