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Super Immunity- Tincture to Fight Infection, Ground, & Strengthen





*andrographis (kalmegh)


*turkey tail mushroom



*elder flowers



*eucalyptus leaves

**pine pollen





flower & gemstone essences

raw honey

non-GMO vodka

*organic **wildcrafted

Tulsi is a powerful immune-supporting herb; so powerful that it is considered to be sacred. It has beneficial results on the physical body and the mind; allowing for more purity and clarity. It is incredibly powerful in supporting the lungs and, being an adaptogen, it both fights infections and strengthens the body.

Andrographis is probably the single herb that I have had the most success with in fighting infections. It is said to even be beneficial in cases of HIV and herpes. It is extremely bitter and very powerful on the immune system as a whole. It works to clear the lungs, fights pathogens, and regulates the body temperature.

Ashwaghanda is a strengthening adaptogen that increases immunity by decreasing the body's vulnerability. 

Ginger is probably the single best digestive herb. We are far more vulnerable to dis-ease when our body is not able to digest the foods we consume. The undigested foods end up circulating throughout the body and can cause all sorts of health issues. Ginger helps to increase digestive capacity and burns through toxins.

Turkey tail mushroom is a powerful immune-supporting mushroom. It powerfully fights infections and is even said to be beneficial for cancer, AIDS, and HIV.

Eucalyptus is incredibly clearing for the sinuses and opens the respiratory system and allows for increased air-flow.

Pippali is an Ayurvedic herb similar to black pepper. It is hot and pungent just like pepper which allows it to burn through toxins and mucuous while increasing the digestive capacity.

Elder flowers enhance the immune system and are even said to be powerful when fighting against MRSA.

Cardamom is a digestive and synergizing spice, allowing the herbs in this formula to combine and work well together. It is powerfully healing for the lungs and respiratory system.

Pine pollen is rich and full of life-force energy. It is extremely nourishing and helps provide the body with enough strength to withstand illness.

Osha is probably the single most powerful herb for opening the chest and increasing the intake of oxygen.

Cayenne is powerful in terms of its ability to burn through toxins. It also really gets the blood flowing and is a great pain-reliever. 

Cinnamon is another synergizing spice that is considered by many to be a potent building block of the immune system.

Elecampane is very supportive for the respiratory and lymphatic systems. It really gets things moving and relives stagnation throughout the body.

Schizandra is known for helping the immune system by supporting the body in dealing with stress. It is a powerful adaptogen that helps the body with many different conditions; from acute illnesses to chronic fatigue.



Add desired amount to juice or water as needed. Play around with dosage to get the perfect amount. Dosage will vary from person to person! You can trust yourself to play around with it and find the perfect for you.. We recommend to start low and increase as you feel the need. PAY ATTENTION TO HOW YOU FEEL! This is the most telling factor!

*I have found that tinctures work best when you hold the tincture/water or juice blend in your mouth for a few minutes*

We always will accept exchanges and returns! The reason for this is that we want you to be able to HEAL from the blend you choose, that is our utmost priority! That being said, PLEASE check in with your Self and make sure that this is the right blend for you! We use the top quality, rarest herbs in our blends and we really don't like to waste them. However, do not hesitate to exchange or return if it isn't working for you bc you HEALING is our number one priority.

*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to treat or cure any diseases.*




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