Super Immunity- Cold, Flu, & Immune Support Tincture

Super Immunity- Cold, Flu, & Immune Support Tincture

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*turkey tail mushroom
*elder flowers
*pine pollen
flower & gemstone essences

*organic **wildcrafted

This immune tincture is unique because it works to support the immunity from many different levels. 

Pine pollen and ashwaghanda work to strengthen the body, making it grounded, nourished, and less likely to succumb to illness in the first place.

Osha, elecampane, cardamom, and pippali support healthy, clear, and open lungs. It works on the short-term to open the airways and also works longterm to clear chronic heaviness from the lungs.

Ginger supports digestion and helps the body burn away toxins and fights fevers.

Tulsi is an adaptogen that works on the lungs, reduces fevers, and lowers stress.

Andrographis is also known as kalmegh and is one of the best herbs in Oriental medicines to fight bugs and support the immune system.

Turkey tail is a medicinal mushroom that is a powerful immune-booster.