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Supreme Hydration- Herbal Blend to Deeply Hydrate, Cool, Beautify & Lubricate the Body (Internally and Extrenally)




*slippery elm

*snow mushroom

*rose petals


black sesame










4 oz jar 


I designed this formula because I suffer from hydration myself and I know the ripple effect of negativity that spurs from dehydration. It is much more than just feeling thirsty- dehydration can leave your body feeling weak, depleted, and even leave you more vulnerable to illness and disease.

In Ayurvedic medicine, healthy hydration means healthy "rasa" or plasma- which is the building block of your entire body. This means that fluid depletion can really have a negative domino effect and negatively influence your entire body.

When I drink this formula, I feel cool, nourished, and relaxed. After two cups, I cold feel more fluid in my eyes- my dry eyes were improving! I think that chronic dehydration is an epidemic that is behind more ailments than we realize and I believe this formula can help get us moving in the right direction!

 Slippery elm and marshmallow are mucilogenos herbs, meaning that when you mix them with water, they turn into a gel-like substance. This is where their magic lies, as this gel is supremely hydrating and also extremely soothing. It is moisturizing for the entire digestive tract; from the mouth to the colon- which allows for increased absorption and supports healthier digestion and elimination. 

Snow fungus is a revered mushroom known as a beauty herb because of it's gelly-like texture. It is fabulous at increasing moisture in the body and removing excessive heat. It is said to act almost like a natural hyaluronic acid.

Black sesame is deeply nourishing. They are known to lubricate the digestive tract and are just so supportive for the body as a whole. They have also been known to turn grey hair to black again and are wonderfully supportive for the bones.

Rose is cooling, soothing, and beautifying and is a beautiful herb for removing excessive heat from the body.

Indian Sasparilla is a sweet and tri-doshic (energetically-balanced) herb that is known to remove excessive heat form the body... It also supports kidneys and improves the complexion.

Shatavari is cooling, grounding, and moisturizing.

Pearls are beautifying, relaxing, supportive of the bones, and help to remove excessive heat.

Schizandra contains within it all 5 tastes, making it naturally very energetically-balanced. It is also known as a beautifying herb. It is an adaptogen that is supportive of the entire body.

Chamomile is gentle, soothing, and hydrating.

Licorice is an herb used synergistically to open your body up to absorb the formula deeper. It's sweet flavor gives the formula a more inviting taste, which also allows your body to open to it and absorb it better.

Cardamom and ginger are digestive herbs used to lighten the heavy herbs of this formula so that they can be digested and the formula can be more balanced.

The spirulina we use is a DEEP blue and super cooling.