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*NEW* Whitening Mint Tooth Scrub

*NEW* Whitening Mint Tooth Scrub

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*sesame oil, *ozonated coconut oil, kokum butter, calcium carbonate, beeswax, castor oil, **coral, **pearls, non-nano natural hydroxyapatite, theobromine, slippery elm, hadjod, *oatstraw, *anantamul, drynaria, *rose, *manjistha, kalmegh, *neem,nettles, teasel root, *triphala, miswak, eucommia, rehmannia, *arjuna, *shavegrass, *echinacea,white oak bark, *turmeric, *cardamom, *licorice,clove, **shilajit, baking soda, activated charcoal, pumice stone, peppermint eo*, spearmint eo*

*organic **wildcrafted


Just wanted to introduce you all to our new product; our whitening tooth scrub! We decided to call it a scrub because I feel like it reminds me of a face scrub! It’s something to be used as needed when your teeth are needing a deeper clean! Our regular toothpaste has a very low abrasivity, which is great for daily use! But there can absolutely be times where you want a bit of a deeper clean! It’s a delicate balance bc you must clean your teeth, but you don’t want to overdo it!

Using this is conjunction w our regular paste allows you to mix and match and really connect in with your teeth and give them what feels right! You can use it alone for a deeper scrub or mix with our regular toothpaste to find your perfect degree of clean! Personally, I enjoy using it on its own once per week and then I’ll also add a bit to my regular toothpaste a few nights per week as needed! If you use the scrub alone, I highly recommend brushing with oil or oil pulling afterwards just to provide your teeth with a nice protective varnish ❤️ 

The tooth scrub utilizes aluminum-free baking soda, activated charcoal, and ground pumice stone as our abrasives. And it still has our 20% natural coral HA plus all of the same healing herbs that our regular toothpaste contains! We slow-infuse the herbs into a base of organic sesame and also add herbal powders to the blend so it is super potent.



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