Our Story


First of all, we want to genuinely thank you for supporting us and trusting us to create healing products for you. This has been my wildest dream manifested and I wouldn't be able to do it without the support of our wonderful customers. We appreciate you so much! You are allowing us to truly live our dream and we are really honored that you trust us to create for you <3

My journey with holistic healing started over ten years ago. In some sense, it started when I was born. I was really sick as a child. I suffered from severe asthma and allergies that made me feel as if I was always sick. I had trouble breathing a lot and was always itchy, sneezy, and scratchy. I was "the sick kid". 

When I was younger, I gave all my trust to the doctors who were supposed to help me. Once I became a teenager, I began to see that they were really unable to help me. I never got better. In fact, I got worse. It didn't matter how many pills they prescribed, I was still sick. As I got older, I struggled with recurrent pneumonia & bronchitis, acne, folliculitis, allergies, tonsillitis, allergies, migraines, and asthma. I followed the typical medical advise, and STILL nothing helped.

I began to search for alternative options. I first got a bit obsessed with buying those crappy, cheap vitamins from Rite-Aid... Then, my consciousness was lifted a bit more and I began to get into healthy-eating. I began to explore different meditations and underwent a total spiritual transformation. I started to notice that I could actually see energy and began engaging what I now consider to be some form of reiki. At the time, I thought I had tapped into something that was undiscovered. I didn't realize that energy work was a "thing". I was actually scared, because I thought maybe the government would come after me (lol). 

When I was 19, I started at my first Holistic School. I was introduced to energy medicine on a professional level and was amazed to see that there were other people like me out there! I studied herbology and flower essences there and learned about various diets such as veganism and raw veganism.

I then went to school to become certified as an Herbalist. I enjoyed the school, but something was missing for me. It was a lot of memorization.. "this herb treats x,y,z". It wasn't the intimate understanding of the energetics of herbs that I was seeking.

Through a counselor, who became a mentor, I was introduced to Ayurveda. Ayurveda was my LIFE. I spent thousands of hours researching, buying books, and living Ayurveda to my core. I attended four different Ayurvedic schools. Ayurveda fed that part of my soul that desired a deeper understanding of energetics as applied to herbology. It gave me the basis that I needed.

As I studied Ayurveda, I also became much more disciplined in my spiritual practice. I began to see how beautifully Ayurveda and herbology intertwined with my natural inclination towards energy work.  I was absolutely obsessed with Ayurveda and herbology. I honestly don't think there is an herb or herbal blend that I haven't tried. Each herb bought has been basically me doing my "homework". Through taking herbs myself I see what the effects are and come to understand the herb on a deeper level. 

An interesting note is that in Vedic astrology, my sun sign is in Satabisha nakshatra- which means "physician to the Gods". It is said that the life path of a Satabisha requires them to be very sick in their youth and they will be unable to be healed by any medical professional. This is because their life-path requires them to learn how to be a healer themselves... And learning through their own personal experience provides a deep level of understanding that cannot be acquired elsewhere. I resonate with this truth so deeply. I know that my sicknesses were given to me as a blessing and through learning to heal them, I have learned to become a healer.

Creating these blends and running this business is truly a blessing that I am so grateful for! I am living my passion and I truly know that this is what I was meant to do.

When I am creating, I enter a flow state; a meditative trance. I feel the energies of the herbs and use that feeling to create blends that are balanced and energetically-designed to treat the specific condition I am crafting it for. I tune into the energy of the illness and feel what I need to supply in an herbal blend to balance that out. This practice is beautiful and it truly is healing for me. When I create, I feel like the highest version of myself. I'm so grateful to be able to do this <3

Most of our formulas are intuitively blended each batch- meaning that I do not use recipes and instead blend each batch by tuning into the energy that is needed for those who will buy it.

My sweet and supportive husband Michael helps me with packaging and blending. He is a truly beautiful human and is also a healer himself. He is an incredible partner in this venture and I cannot imagine anyone else who would infuse these products with a better, more genuine energy.

It is top priority to us that we always stay aligned with our truth. We want to create healing products and never have our focus be on money.

Our beautiful children, Devi and Echo, are homeschooled and their sweet spirits and joy are always around us and infused into each product.

Thank you! We love you and appreciate you!


Jenna, Michael, Devi, Echo & Binxy (our kitty son)