Lung Tonic; Herbal Blend

Lung Tonic; Herbal Blend

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*black pepper

*long pepper








I designed this blend to be strengthening to the lungs first and foremost. There are the secondary actions of helping to clear mucous, moisturizing the lungs, and opening and clearing the lungs.

Because the primary action of this blend is to strengthen the lungs, it is safe to take preventatively or just for healing of long-term lung issues. It is also great to take if you have an acute issue like bronchitis. 

Many of these herbs double as immune tonics, so the blend will be nourishing and supportive to the body as a whole and the immune system, but of course it has a special focus on the lungs.

*If you have mucous that is stuck in your lungs you may notice that your body starts to release it, this is normal and healthy and shows that your lungs are healing!*