Luscious Hair Herbal Blend For Greying, Thickness, and Hair-Loss

Luscious Hair Herbal Blend For Greying, Thickness, and Hair-Loss

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*he sho wu















*organic **wildcrafted

4 oz= 48 servings

We use a proprietary blend of herbs that addressed hair-loss from many different levels. By reducing stress, reducing heat in the head, and supplying an abundance of necessary vitamins, minerals,and trace minerals, we support thick, luscious hair from every possibly angle.

Moringa and nettles are deeply nourishing and abundant in minerals that support hair and skin health.

Horsetail is also abundant and minerals and is known to increase blood flow to the scalp. It's a traditional remedy for hair-loss in both mean and women.

He sho wu is a potent longevity tonic that is so nutritious that it is known to restore color to greyed hair!

The intention was to craft a balanced formula that supports healthy hair through a proprietary blend that targets hair-loss, greying, and also depletion that can result in hair-loss.

Pearl is a classical beautifying herb that has been used by Cleopatra and Chinese princesses. It is rich in necessary minerals that are required for both beautiful hair and clear, beautiful skin.

These herbs are also known for their ability to give a radiant complexion and to "cool the mind", reducing anxiety and racing thoughts.

Shilajit contains over 80 trace minerals. It is a deep, thick, deeply nourishing resin that supports hair growth and overall body health through it's deeply nourishing properties.

Eclipta is an Ayurvedic herb that reduces hair-loss by removing excessive heat from the head. In Ayurveda, when the head becomes overheated, the hair will often fall. This is actually what causes the hairless to occur during chemo. Eclipta has the added benefit of cooling the mind too, helping with irritation.

Brahmi is another beautiful Ayurvedic herb that support the circulation of the scalp. It has the added benefit of clarifying the mind and supporting intelligence.

Mucuna is an adaptogen that has numerous benefits. It is deeply nourishing to the body, which not only helps the hair, but the strength and integrity of the body as a whole.