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Bliss Energetics

Heal-Thy Teeth; Tooth-Nourishing Topical Serum

Heal-Thy Teeth; Tooth-Nourishing Topical Serum

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*sesame oil, **coral, *oatstraw,
teasel, **pearl, *cardamom, *shavegrass, eucommia, hadjod, *triphala, *licorice, *anantamul, drynaria, *nettle, *arjuna, rehmannia, *slippery elm, hydroxyapatite, *clove, *rose, miswak,*manjistha, *white oak bark, *bhringaraj, *turmeric, *echinacea, *kalmegh, **shilajit, *neem

* organic **wildcrafted


This product is a super rich, herb and mineral-infused concentrated oil designed to nourish your teeth! You can massage your teeth (and gums) with it or add some to your tooth brush and brush all over! I find that using oil before brushing is best for loosening calculus/ lifting stains. I find oil usage after brushing is better for strengthening the teeth!

You can also add some of this to a base to create an oil pulling oil :) 

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