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Herb & Mineral Tooth and Gum Powder




calcium carbonate

washed clay 


**oyster shell




**bee propolis




*white oak bark




*slippery elm

*rose petals








Our new tooth and gum powder can be used in addition to or instead of a toothpaste. I personally like to use it with my tooth butter,  which I dip into the powder. I feel that the tooth powder really leaves my teeth feeling so clean! It is a great alternative for those who prefer to use tooth powders over toothpastes or can be used as extra tooth and gum support. Being that this blend is mostly just straight herbs, it is pretty strong and a little goes a long way!

Many of the herbs used in this are the same that we use in the tooth butter and putty, but it is straight herbs so it is extra strong! If you use a LOT at once, the flavor will be quite strong! I recommend playing around and seeing what amount is right for you. I have tested this on both of my kids and they both have not had any issues with it, so I find it to be kid-friendly in appropriate doses (if you use a LOT, they probably will not enjoy the flavor though!)

We crafted this blend by using rich mineral sources, bone-healing herbs, and gum-supporting herbs. 

Neem, amla, manjistha, myrrh, turmeric, sandalwood, rose and anantamul are wonderful for clearing excessive heat from the gums. This makes this blend great for people with red, irritated gums or gingivitis. Manjistha and neem in particular are VERY great at clearing out any infections as they are strong anti-bacterial and fabulous for fighting decay.

Oatstraw, nettles, drynaria, horsetail, hadjod, pearls, shilajit, oyster shell, cal carb, and clay are all rich in minerals and included for the intention of supporting bone/ tooth healing.

Licorice and cardamom are both great for flavoring and also for clearing and cleaning the mouth. Slippery elm is a mucilogoenous herb that helps maintain the moisture level of the mouth. Clove is great for dental pain!


You can use it on your toothbrush like normal toothpaste! Add some water to help it stick. You can also dip your toothpaste that is on your toothbrush in the powder. The powder has strong anti-microbial herbs so I wouldn't worry too much about dipping your toothbrush right in there. You can just brush your teeth like normal or you can even use it to massage your gums if you are using to treat gum issues. Play around with the dosage. Using a lot will taste stronger, but leaves your mouth feeling really nice and clean! 

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