Remineralizing Tooth Putty- Spot Treatment

Remineralizing Tooth Putty- Spot Treatment

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*sesame oil

**coral calcium

calcium carbonate

bone renewal vitamins by Synergy

*ozonated coconut oil


galle chinensis


*gum acacia






**bee propolis

*myrrh resin

*castor oil

*kokum butter

*-organic **-wildcrafted

This remineralizing tooth putty was designed to be a spot treatment for spots on your teeth that are decaying or chipping away.

We intentionally made it *sticky*, so that it stays on where you apply it.

It is full of beautiful minerals and herbs that have been shown to help with remineralization. 

This is one of my absolute products! I have actually healed a small cavity on my tooth with the help of this magical tooth putty!